R.A Jones Offers enhanced remote assistance for customers across markets

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Apri 21, 2021

Covid-19 proved to be the worst possible event in recent human history. The far-reaching effects of the pandemic toppled lives for many people. RA Jones in such times stepped up and delivered safe service and improved uptime to manufacturers by giving enhanced remote assistance capabilities. RA Jones is a global leader in innovative packaging technology for the beverage, chemical, and industrial industries. They have always specialized in providing remote assistance capabilities when it comes to solutions pertaining to multi-packing and pouching.

During the pandemic, RA Jones offered assistance across markets. A traditional on-site visit has become a thing of the past because of the virus and the restrictions it has brought along with it. Cloud-based services and designated service staff has made it easy for manufacturers to reach a faster diagnosis and receive real-time support with cost and time savings. The technical expertise that RA Jones offers is unparalleled and the best in business.

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