Johnson Controls added to the prestigious FT European Climate Leaders list

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May 18,2021 

Global Warming is a daunting reality. It probably is the gravest concern that scientists, world leaders and commoners are facing in the current situation. The world is changing and with it our outlook towards our climate. The current generation is even more focused on sustainability and the impact any particular product has on the environment. Carbon footprint of companies are discussed ad nauseam. The more sustainable your product is, the more it’s longevity in terms of customer satisfaction. 

Johnson Controls has proven to be such a beacon when it comes to reducing carbon emissions and has been rewarded with being named to the inaugural FT Climate Leaders in Europe List. This is highly commendable as it is one of the only 300 companies from a list of 4000 to do so. Johnson Controls has been successful in reducing carbon emissions intensity by a whopping 70 percent since 2002. Johnson Controls has a rather ambitious goal of achieving net zero carbon before 2040 and has various arrangements in line with this goal. 

This comes in accordance with the Paris Agreement. Johnson Controls is also ranked in the top 12 percent companies when it comes to climate leadership. OpenBlue digital platform has a crucial role in decarbonizing the company’s European footprint. They have been deploying the platform for optimization across their entire value chain. Along With this Johnson Controls has also been paying special attention to Energy Efficiency technologies. The wide variety of the company’s portfolio is world class and helps customers reduce carbon footprint on a global scale. 

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