GE Renewable Energy collaborates with CleanMax Wind Hybrid Projects in India

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April 21,2021 

With an increase in depleting resources all over the world, more so in the Indian subcontinent because of the heavy population, the news of GE’s supply of wind turbines to CleanMax wind hybrid project brings relief and hope. These wind farms will contribute significantly to the Indian commitment of meeting it’s renewable energy target of 175 GW by 2022. 

This is, of course, an extremely ambitious project and GE’s help in collaboration with CleanMax is helping reach that goal faster. There are three projects in conception totalling 110 MW to meet various industrial demands in the states of  Gujarat and Karnataka. GE has till date installed over 440GW of clean renewable energy and is a leader in the industry. CleanMax, although a young company has successfully installed over 400 projects on a turn-key basis with clientele ranging from Automotive to Information Technology. 

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