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All Events The Data and Digitization Imperative for Industrial OEMs: Learn data & digitization strategy from the experts
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The Data and Digitization Imperative for Industrial OEMs

The Data and Digitization Imperative for Industrial OEMs: Learn data & digitization strategy from the experts

September 16, 2020 @ 5:00 PM - 7:30 PM UTC+5
Virtual Conference

Learn data & digitization strategy from the experts

About the Event:

Industry Next 2021 is the first-ever event designed for Industrial OEM leaders to come together as a community, network, share & learn from industry experts as well as peers.

The first edition of this event focuses on the “data & digitization imperative for Industrial OEMs”

Industry Next is a community of industrial OEM leaders focused on innovation, sharing current best practices, predicting & building the next big thing. We aspire to bring together people and ideas that lead to a “lifting of all boats”. Simply put, a community that makes each other better.


We brought together a group of industry veterans, market analysts, industry experts to create 2.5 hours of value-packed, strategy-oriented sessions for you.

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Pam Washburn

Director, Sales Enablement,
Johnson Controls
Topic: How we survived & thrived despite the pandemic – lessons from a 400 strong sales team

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John Seral

Operating Advisor, Ex-GE CIO
Clayton, Dubilier & Rice
Topic: Digitization in industrial OEMs – A Private Equity perspective for 2020

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Siddarth Madhav

Partner, Industrials
Topic: The brave new world – charting digital path for Industrial OEMs

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Remi Gicquel

Director Sales/Strategy, HPE
Author – Installed Base Selling
Topic: How industrial OEMs can fundamentally change the way they sell & do business in 2020

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Vivek Joshi

Entytle, Inc.
Anchor & co-host across events

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Carlos Gomez

Executive Sales Leader
Baker Hughes
Topic: The answer lies closer to home – data-driven, installed base selling

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Thomas Reslewic

Exec-In-Residence, Battery Ventures
Ex-President – Teledyne EEMI
Topic: Digitization is the 2020 mandate

OEMs can prosper through tough times – Mckinsey
Watch Siddhart Madhav talk about Mckinsey’s perspective on building an aftermarket and services franchise
Johnson Controls’ Success Story – Pam Washburn
Learn how Johnson controls survived & thrived to achieve excellence and great success despite the pandemic.
September 16, 2020
5:00 PM - 7:30 PM

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