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All Events FROM RECOVERY TO GROWTH: Accelerate Your Journey Through Transformational Leadership
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FROM RECOVERY TO GROWTH: Accelerate Your Journey Through Transformational Leadership

FROM RECOVERY TO GROWTH: Accelerate Your Journey Through Transformational Leadership

January 13 @ 12:00 pm - 2:45 pm UTC+0
Virtual Conference

About the Event:

2021 is upon us & Industry Leaders are trying to adapt to change. With so many strategies under consideration, where should you truly start?

Here’s what Industry Leaders with proven track records have to say –

What can you control as an Industrial OEM Leader?…and what you can’t

Understand how to separate the noise from the signals

Do more with less, without going overboard

Understand the 3 Hallmarks of truly Resilient Companies that Win !!

Dealing with Customer Expectation Shifts – How to use it to thrive this year

Developing internal competencies to deal with change management


We brought together a group of industry veterans, market analysts, industry experts to create 2.5 hours of value-packed, strategy-oriented sessions for you.

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David Cote

Former Chairperson & CEO of HONEYWELL,

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Scott Patterson

VP Aftermarket Sales and Service,
Peerless Pump – a division of Grundfos

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Adrien Bron

Partner, Bain & Company

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Hans Van Der Aa

President of SupportPro
– a division of Duravant

From Recovery To Growth – Full Session
Making roadways into 2021, Watch how you can accelerate your journey through transformational leadership.
How OEMs can recover and grow through the pandemic
Watch David Cote guide the Industrial Leaders on how to recover & grow while coming out of pandemic hit 2020.
IBDP- An Imperative For Aftermarket Success
Watch Adrien Bron explain how strong connections to Installed Base are imperative for aftermarket success.
January 13
12:00 pm - 2:45 pm

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