Baker Hughes collaborate with Bloom Energy to Accelerate Energy Transition

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May 05,2021

Climate Change alternatively leads to an increase in demand for cooling services and technologies. Increased cooling demand not only strains electricity supply but also decreases water and air temperatures. 

Baker Hughes has been making the people and planet a safer, cleaner and more efficient place to live in. Their innovative technologies have aided energy and industrial customers worldwide for more than a century. Baker Hughes in collaboration with Bloom Energy is working on energy transaction acceleration. Efficient power solutions are the need of the hour with the environmental landscape disintegrating rapidly.

The proposed collaboration includes potential commercialization and deployment of hydrogen solutions to advance the energy transition. The scaling applications are expected to develop over the course of next 2-3 years. The scope of this joint venture encompasses Integrated Power Solutions, Integrated hydrogen solutions and mutual technological collaborations. Fuel cell technology is the new tool to help in the decarbonization of the energy economy and that’s exactly where Bloom Technology’s expertise lies. 

Baker Hughes has a broad technology portfolio and Bloom Energy has SOFC and SOEC solutions which in combination will further aid the emission monitoring and additive manufacturing capabilities of this collaborative effort. 

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