An Opportunity to create a powerful new Community –
For a long time, industrial OEM leaders who were trying to find answers to their questions have been either left to fend for themselves or rely on a small network of peers & mentors. There wasn’t a forum where they could meet other like-minded leaders from whom they could learn and swap ideas.

IndustryNext was created to fill this gap.

IndustryNext is a community of Industrial OEM leaders focused on innovation, best practice sharing, predicting and building the next big thing. The charter of the community is to bring together people and ideas that lead to a community striving to make each other better.

This is a global forum for growth and customer-oriented leaders from the world’s leading Industrial OEMs.

The community will enable Industrials to discover new strategies to increase engagement, improve customer experience, and capture, retain and grow lifetime value from their Installed Base of customers.

IndustryNext will feature sessions on industry best practices, hard-won lessons learned and compelling keynotes from leading companies and expert leaders.

“Since the formation of Entytle, our customers have consistently lamented the lack of an industry forum of peers and other leaders where they could gather to meet, swap ideas, share best practices and build the community,” said Vivek Joshi, CEO of Entytle. “The Industry Next conference provides a timely platform for industry stakeholders who are seeking to learn and help each other – as we like to call it, lifting of all boats.”

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